Unlocking the
power of protein


We deliver the promise of dairy – whey protein and lactose. These powerhouse ingredients contribute nutrition and function to the world’s foods, beverages and nutraceuticals.

A complete protein, whey contains all the essential amino acids in an optimum blend for human health. We offer whey protein concentrates, hydrolysates and isolates.

A unique carbohydrate found only in mammalian milk, lactose is useful in a wide range of applications. We offer edible and refined grades of lactose.


It’s simple to meet consumer demand for products that are nutritious and appetizing. Start with dairy protein – the ingredients that deliver: complete protein for lean muscle, clean flavor for higher use levels and stability across processing methods. Check out these concept ideas. Could they be the start of a new product for you?

Purple Cow Drink Mix – Fortification   

Lightly effervescent drink mix inspired by old fashioned fountain soda. Includes Hilmar 9010 WPI for 10 grams of protein to aid in muscle recovery, and isotonics for hydration.

Caramel Crème Crisp Bar – Women’s Nutrition   

A satisfying snack bar with 14 grams of high quality protein from Hilmar 8200 WPC and Hilmar 8370 WPH.

Hibiscus Tea Energy Drink – Women’s Nutrition   

Naturally refreshing, energizing and “clearly” fortified with Hilmar 9020 WPI.

Our Story

A true American business story, we started as a “what if” imagined on the back of a coffee shop napkin. From our first use of about 400,000 pounds of milk a day in 1984 to our current use of more than 21 million pounds a day, learn how we deliver the promise of dairy…