Hilmar 9020

Ultra Clear Whey Protein Isolate

Consumers are getting smarter about protein. They look for products that offer the most protein by weight. They want clarity, fast absorption and lots of nutritive value.

Hilmar 9020 is a whey protein isolate that delivers what informed consumers want. Our rigorous filtration process removes fats, carbohydrates, cholesterol and lactose, creating a clean-tasting product that’s loaded with the nine amino acids bodies need.

The exceptional heat stability and solubility of Hilmar 9020 make it ideal for low pH applications, such as protein waters, gels and shots for sports nutrition. Because it’s so clear, it’s also a perfect addition for gelatin desserts, confections and other healthy living products.

9020 Nutritional Benefits

  • High Digestibility
  • Excellent Amino Acid Profile
  • Low Glycemic Index
  • Low Fat and Lactose

9020 Functional Properties

  • Clear in Solution
  • Clean Taste
  • Heat Stable
  • Acid Soluble/Stable

Hilmar Sports & Performance

Sports & Performance Nutrition Applications

  • Clear RTD Protein Beverages
  • Flavored RTD Protein Water
  • Sports Protein Gels
  • Fruit Flavored Protein Powders
  • And More

Hilmar Healthy Living

Healthy Living Applications

  • Protein Gelatin Desserts
  • High-Protein Gummy Chews
  • Healthy Aging RTD Beverages
  • And More

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