Hilmar PROtelyze™ Pet

Unleash the Power of Protein

Looking to win over dog lovers? Hilmar PROtelyze Pet offers specific new canine health benefits that you can use to add value and differentiation to your pet foods and treats.

Older dogs or those with chronic diseases tend to lose muscle mass from sarcopenia or cachexia, which lessens the quality of life and often leads to premature death.

After years of research, we developed a new protein formulation that addresses these diseases and offers dog owners a practical and affordable solution for improving canine health. Hilmar PROtelyze Pet builds on decades of scientific study and leadership in the human application of advanced protein products.

Exceptional heat stability and solubility make Hilmar PROtelyze Pet easy to incorporate into pet food and treat applications.


Independent Study Method

  • 26-week study
  • 36 senior Labrador Retrievers split into three groups of 12
  • Dogs were fed one of three supplements added to basal diet
    • Whey group (PROtelyze Pet)
    • Pea group (Hydrolyzed pea protein isolate)
    • Control group (Added calories to equal whey and pea calories)
  • Exercised twice weekly


Whey group maintained a higher
lean-to-fat ratio

A study by an independent research kennel shows that our new whey protein outperforms pea protein isolate in every measure that matters. Labrador Retrievers in the whey (PROtelyze Pet) group maintained higher lean body mass and a higher lean-to-fat ratio than the control and pea groups.

Hilmar Protelyze PET Lean to Fat Ratio Graph

Hilmar PROtelyze PET Total Inflammation Graph


Lower inflammatory biomarkers

The whey (PROtelyze Pet) group had lower inflammatory biomarkers than the pea and control groups.

In addition, the whey (PROtelyze Pet) group had higher activity levels and significantly improved gait scores.

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