Whey Protein Product Bulletins

Hilmar Whey Protein Concentrate, Hilmar Whey Protein Hydrolysate, Hilmar Whey Protein Isolate

Get the latest Hilmar Ingredients product bulletins. And scroll down to learn more about using whey protein to power-up nutrient rich foods and beverages.

Whey Protein Product Bulletins


With over 150 proven formulations for using our whey protein in food and beverage systems, we can step in with an answer to most application questions. Have an unusual request? Our research and applications development groups will put their knowledge and labs to work and meet the challenge.

Areas in which we have particular expertise include:

  • Super foods for kids, with an emphasis on nutrition and compliance with stringent school and regulatory standards (such as California’s Senate Bill 19)
  • Nutrient-rich foods for a proactive eating approach giving more nutrition per calorie and a healthier overall diet
  • Foods and beverages formulated for women’s unique health needs and eating patterns
  • Ethnic foods and beverages with a nutritional boost including noodles, baked goods and cultured dairy products
  • Ingredient alternatives where whey proteins can be used to replace eggs, gums and stabilizers

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