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Delivering the promise of dairy

Tap the promise of dairy – whey protein and lactose, powerhouse ingredients for nutrition and function

Hilmar Ingredients supplies whey protein and lactose made from sweet whey. The sole source of this sweet whey is our parent company’s large-scale cheese operations in California and Texas. These U.S.-based operations provide us with the freshest, highest quality whey stream from which we produce large runs of whey protein concentrate, hydrolysate and isolate, as well as edible, refined and ultra refined lactose.

See how Hilmar Ingredients and parent company, Hilmar Cheese Company, have been setting the standard in dairy processing for over 30 years. View Our Story

Quick Facts

  • Headquarters in Hilmar, California, is the world’s largest single-site cheese and whey manufacturing facility
  • State-of-the-art facility in Dalhart, Texas, leverages the next big boom in dairy production
  • Utilizes world’s largest volume of high-component Jersey cow milk as part of an unmatched, secure and traceable U.S. milk supply
  • Continuous, large volume production runs deliver consistent and reliable product composition
  • California and Texas facilities are certified to meet the requirements of the Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI)
  • We follow GMP and HACCP programs at every stage of production
  • Products meet critical standards including Non-GMO (our products are not manufactured with genetically engineered components), EU conforming, Kosher and Halal, and our milk supply is certified BSE-free
  • Fully equipped research and applications labs staffed by experienced, multinational teams
  • Central locations in California and Texas provide easy access to all of the U.S., Asia, Europe, Mexico and Latin America


In 1984, twelve Central California dairy families, who owned Jersey cows exclusively, created Hilmar Cheese Company. These pioneering farmers, seeking to maximize the value of their Jerseys’ high-solids milk, decided to manufacture and market their own line of cheese for use by retail and private label. They invested heavily in research, the latest processing and quality assurance technology, and staff excellence – a practice that continues to guide the privately held company today.

In 2004 the company established a subsidiary, Hilmar Ingredients, to market the whey protein and lactose made available by the company’s growing cheese volumes and manufacturing sophistication. Hilmar Cheese Company and Hilmar Ingredients now operate two state-of-the-art facilities and are recognized internationally for superior quality, consistency and unparalleled personalized customer service.

Dairy Stewardship

We are committed to producing the highest quality cheese and ingredients. This commitment begins at the source – the milk we receive from more than 230 family-owned dairies. Because dairy herd performance reflects the quality of care received at every stage of the production cycle, our dairy farmers rely on proven, best management practices to maintain the health and well-being of their dairy cows. Quality milk begins with high-quality feed. Dairy farmers rely on nutrition experts for advice on feeding their cows. Dairy nutritionists recommend scientifically formulated and balanced diets for each stage of life that consist of hay, grains and other vitamins and minerals.

Dairies keep detailed records, continually work on hygiene and sanitation, and utilize new technologies – from misters to milking equipment, freestalls and barn innovations and modern management practices to provide first-rate cow comfort on the dairy. Our dairy farmers extend their care beyond the cow to the environment. Our parent company, Hilmar Cheese Company, has the greatest number of dairies certified in the environmental stewardship program administered by the California Dairy Quality Assurance program.

In addition, we are working with our dairy families to implement the National Dairy FARM Program: Farmers Assuring Responsible Management™, which includes comprehensive dairy cattle best care practices for nutrition, health, housing and more. Developed by animal scientists and veterinarians, FARM includes evaluation of each individual dairy to assess compliance with practices for proper animal care, comfort and well-being practices. The program also includes independent third-party verification.

Every day more than 230 dairy families work hard to take care of their cows and provide Hilmar Cheese Company and Hilmar Ingredients a fresh supply of wholesome, nutritious milk. Hear their story.