Lactose Product Bulletins

Hilmar Edible Lactose, Hilmar Refined Edible Lactose

Get the latest Hilmar Ingredients product bulletins and learn about the wide range of uses for our lactose.


A versatile ingredient, Hilmar lactose gives advantages in a variety of applications, from browning in baked goods and sweetening in desserts, to an excipient in nutraceuticals and homeopathic preparations.

Hilmar lactose is available in several forms: natural lactose, medium grind lactose, fine grind lactose and extra fine grind lactose. Lactose has proven success in a range of foods and beverage systems including:

  • Chocolates and confectionery
  • Baked goods
  • Infant formula
  • Sucrose substitute
  • Bulking agent for soups, sauces and processed meats
  • Seasoning blends
  • Nutraceuticals and health foods
  • Homeopathic preparations
  • Culture media
  • Veterinary preparations and mixes
  • Derivatives and fermentation products (lactulose, tagatose, etc.)

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